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Connecting Entrepreneurs with investors and alliance partners around the world

Matt talks about his  â€œEnergence ASIA Programme  – a 30 day whirlwind trip around the world  with 30 tech entrepreneur – connecting them with global investors.

This last month, I travelled with Wholesale Investor, showcasing over 30 companies raising capital, to over 1000 investors at events in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and London. 

After packing up my entire apartment on the Monday night, I spoke at Wholesale Investor’s China Investment Roadshow event on Tuesday morning, highlighting the potential in China for Aussie companies (see more here). I then flew up to the Gold Coast that lunchtime to speak and host our Emerging Company Investor Evening with the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur and AVCAL – here we showcased companies to Australia’s Venture Capital and Private Equity ecosystem.

Wednesday morning, I drove to Brisbane to catch a flight to Singapore, where on the following Friday, we would finish a massive week thanks to Consensus Singapore (one of the world’s largest crypto and blockchain event), with our very own Emergence Singapore event. We showcased 20 of Australasia’s most exciting Crypto, Blockchain and Advanced Tech investment offerings to some of the heaviest hitting investors and funds in the space. 

Consensus saw over 8000 attendees across the week, and we attracted over 400 investors to Emergence Singapore to conclude a massive week in Singapore. 

We concluded the event with a fantastic WI Private Cocktail Reception sponsored by Techemy – this was a stand out in Singapore and builds the foundations for my 1st finding below. (See highlights from Emergence Singapore here).

Then we ventured to Malaysia showcasing to over 120 investors. Kuala Lumpur was a completely different ball game to what we’d ever experienced – and the city holds a special place in my heart as it’s where I kicked off my career with the UK’s Department for International Trade.

We walked a group of 120 investors from company to company, formally introducing them to each Founder – I have never experienced such a powerful moment of difference at an event before. 

– it was a real eye-opener and each and every company saw tremendous success from this – courtesy of our partners X-infinity at this event and their Founder Eddie Chong.

Our final stop in Asia was Hong Kong – what a city! Busy, energetic, crazy, fast-paced, exciting and so, so different from anything I’ve ever experienced. I cherish Hong Kong as the most eye-opening stop on our month-long Emergence Asia roadshow. Here we showcased companies to over 100 investors – and business here was formal and unique – surprisingly we saw a large expat attendance, and an array of UK investors in attendance – this was a point of attention as to the global connectedness of the city.

Finally we ventured to London – while seemingly bias as a Brit, this was a stand out for me. In a city where authenticity, honesty and the deal are essential, we did an outstanding job for the Wholesale Investor brand in London. I met with Founders, Investors, Funds, Corporate Organisations who all provided vital insight into what UK investors are looking for. 

While showcasing Australian, South African and Asian companies in London, we were providing trusted access to global markets – at a time of Brexit, this is exactly what UK Investors are looking for. 

With special thanks here to Chris Hancock from Crowd2Fund, the guys at Silicon Roundabout who are true experts and leaders in the space, Graham Rowan from Elite Investor Club, Paul Webster from the Department for International Trade, Gen George – a friend of mine and a great entrepreneur leading the charge in the marketplace space, and finally the London Stock Exchange!

Key Learnings:

1. The power of networking and human interaction is paramount to what we do.Wholesale Investor facilitates the introduction between a company raising capital, and investors looking to build upon and expand their portfolios. With a flourishing online platform, over 19000 investors can source deals from over 410 companies, however, our events offer a vital human element to this digital process.

 In particular, the networking sessions and after parties we held at Singapore, Malaysia and London showcased the power for human interaction. While a beer in hand is enjoyable, it does something else – it adds a vital informal component to business where investors and founders assess whether they can actually work together in a formal setting – this 80-20 dynamic of formal with informal communication and networking is vital for us.

2. Quality over quantity. After just 3 months heading up Wholesale Investor’s Marketing team, I can see the quality in our database. Resoundingly, we promote the importance of just one great introduction, and I can see that we facilitate this introduction with a fantastic success rate – however the reason we are able to do this, is that we have an active database of over 19000 QUALITY global investors – I am proud and inspired to be part of this process.

3. Local Impact – Global Collaboration. Perhaps it’s my past of working in startups and working for the UK Department for International Trade, but I am a massive advocate for Local Impact. Every single company we showcased, will, given the right investment and opportunity to achieve its potential, change the world as we know it.

Every company we showcased will change the way we live, work and play for the better – they’re all very special. 

The crucial element to creating true local impact through ensuring the companies we showcase raise capital is our ability to activate our global database of investors. True local impact creates global ties to new and exciting markets, comprised of new and exciting investors and founders alike. This 3rd point for me is crucial, I’m an Englishmen, raised in Africa working in Australia, and along the way, I’ve made ties in each country personally both in my social life and in business. 

Collaborating with my global network not only allows me to achieve more, but it allows me to contribute more to changing the way we operate and function for the better – it’s a bigger picture mentality that benefits business and the way companies grow.

We also proved a model where investors are increasingly looking to expand their portfolios across borders. This was evident at all events, where the appetite for global opportunity was resounding – we’re on a mission to invite investors from all markets to Australia in 2019 to attend Emergence 2019 both in Queensland and in Sydney – more to come on this soon.

I would also hasten to add here two concepts; 1) Nothing is worth doing unless it serves a purpose and 2) nothing is worth doing on our own. 

Collaboration and purpose drove Emergence Asia into a new level for Wholesale Investor, it raised the bar and it showcased the power of working together with partners, sponsors and investors to create something together, something bigger, and something better.

A vision for the future… 

Finally, I’ll leave you with this. As 2019 fast approaches, the Wholesale Investor team are constantly optimising our existing service, and are bringing the biggest, most impactful, insightful, productive events we’ve ever done in the form of Emergence 2019. In our 10th year of existence, we’ve learnt a lot, and it’s our mission to constantly optimise our offering to ensure maximum success for the companies we showcase both digitally and online – our prime focus is to help them raise capital in the most successful and efficient way possible.

Everything we do is about creating opportunity, and Emergence Asia and London have showcased this more so than ever before – what an experience it’s been – however it’s just the start! 

Stay tuned for more information about Emergence 2019 at www.wholesaleinvestor.com.au and get in touch with me for a chat,


Posted on November 1, 2018

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