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CRE8’s “Ignite your life leadership”

After 25 years of studying highly successful people, and becoming one himself, Brett Jones has developed CRE8 – a system that works to create what you really want in your life. Wealth, a passionate marriage, a fulfilling career or business, and a powerful healthy body. “Yes, you can have it all” – says Brett.

The Cre8 Leadership System is used by Crown Group, McDonald’s, Procter and Gamble (all billion $ companies) and our 10X Geraldton Partner Greg Smargiassi, swears by him!
Brett Jones will be presenting  CRE8’s “Ignite your life leadership” seminar at our offices which will reveal how the system works.

When:-  7pm on  Thursday 1 November 2012.
Where:- Level 7, 14 Martin Place, Sydney 2000

Because we are hosting the event, I have negotiated 20 complimentary tickets (valued at $550)   Click here to register your place
At this  Ignite Your Life Leadership evening,  Brett will show us how to construct NEW LIFE HABITS that will drive our success:
  • Create a MILLION dollar business
  • Build a millionaire lifestyle
  • Learn what really motivates a team
  • Create work/life balance
  • Become a better, more aware leader and parent
  • Learn the skills that lead Richard Branson to be able to run 53 companies.
  • Breakthrough patterns of limiting behaviour that hold back your success.
  • Bring those you love closer with your behaviours
  • Grasp your passion, to push through to new levels of achievement
To your success!
Posted on October 28, 2012

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