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David Thodey Pictorial on Covid and Innovation in Oz

We had a great session with Tony Surtees last week – talking “the great reset” and the opportunities at are coming from COVID-19.

Loved the story of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail having to imitate horses with coconuts – because of a lack of budget !!! 
Tony also shared a pictorial of David Thodey’s Talk on how we might capture the CoVid-19 opportunity – from Gavin Blake 

Some insites from the pictorial 

–  we must be ambitious and realistic
– identify that there are sectors that are seriously struggling – and will continue to struggle – airlines , cafes and events – what will replace the latent demand? 
– the Aus Government have been amazing 
– we must not ignore the human element – working from home and balance of life improved 
–  7000cases and 102 deaths 
– NBN and technology (such as zoom)  has been a huge enabler 
– China and 5G
– using renewables 
– innovating using real time data 

The Drivers of Innovation

  • Corporate Australia
  • digital enablement 
  • small Business – having time innovate to survive 
  • technology enablement 
  • research and development 
  • more investment in g th he private sector
I reckon – the opportunity to connect and collaborate and realising the importance of contribution and community!
Tony identified the 6 pivotal technologies that he believes will drive the next wave of innovation 

I look forward to sharing with you insites from Tony’s talk – That came from our #BBGthinktank 

Posted on June 28, 2020

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