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Do you ever do a check of your Business Model? Every 6 months? Annually? Or Hardly Ever?

Great Insite from Jeff Gordon – who  just gets it https://www.facebook.com/jeff.gordon.3760430

What are your average monthly leads?
What is your average monthly conversion rate?
What is the average number of monthly transactions per client?
What is the average spend per customer?
What is your average total revenue?
What is your average monthly net profit percentage?
What is your average net profit figure?
Do you have this information on an XL template that you can adjust?
Step 1
Identify what those kpis are that are going to help build your business.
If you are  “your own boss” and looking for a job or business client
How many existing clients do you have ?
What is your retention rate?
How many leads contacts do you call a week?
What is your conversion rate ?
What is the price of your product? 
How many time a year does your client pay you?
For each of the above Questions ……. what strategies  are you implementing to move those dials to increase your sales?
If you want to grow – and increase your sales ….. remember ….. it’s a formula……..
We have created this formula which you can download for free https://bsi.skillsoptimiser.com/BusinessHealth/ . (Together with a breakeven calculator and a cash flow calculator) 
You can also download the 76 strategies  you can use to move those dials for a one off nominal fee of $49.95  (used to be $900 per month ) 
Posted on February 25, 2020

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