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Do you have a Coach?

World class sports teams, Olympic Athletes, CEOs and Famous Actors all have them, so why don’t you?

I’m talking about coaches and mentors, People who can help you build your ideas and improve your performance, the most successful people in the world all seek feedback and support, so what makes you better than them?

Are you bounding along like the confident young cub unaware of the cliff ahead, how would you know without the experience of someone who’s made that journey? Personally I’ve certainly been the young cub charging up the guts only to be confronted by the unforeseen.

While most of us try our hardest to do our best, it’s easy to get caught up and blinded by the world around us or the actions of others and we sometimes forget to understand our weaknesses, or worse, we don’t know what our weakness is.

As a society we’re determined to succeed but often that determination blinds us to other options, ideas or improvements, having a second set of eyes or ears to provide feedback and develop ideas can be invaluable.

There’s many different forms mentoring can take, whether it be a colleague, superior, or junior, people love helping people, for those seeking the winning edge why not seek out a coach or mentor who can help review what you do and offer improvements or tips to be the very best.

Offering your support or experience to someone else can be a great a great experience as well as the side-effect of gaining a better understanding of yourself.

So why not reach out to someone and ask for their help, feedback or support and offer yours in return, you’ll both be better for it!

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Posted on February 13, 2017

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