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DVD Trivia Launches AFL Trivia Game

Sep 06:- 9 Months after ADI coinvested in DVD Trivia, AFL Trivia has been succesfully launched by Aussie Distributeor Funtastic to Department Stores around the country. The response has been terriffic, says Tom Parkinson, CEO of DVD Trivia.

The Game includes a boxed board Trivia Game that you play using a DVD (rather than cards) to answer the questions. The Game assimilates the subject matter and creates a storyline using the Board. The DVD questions are visual and by mixing that with the simulated storyline or Game Play, make for a great interactive experience producing a fun challenge for families and friends

As a result, 2 new games are due to be launched by Christmas 2006…. World War 2 Trivia and Cricket Trivia.

Posted on September 10, 2006

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