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Dynamic Business Success

His ‘Wealth Dynamics’ approach to business has seen him build half a dozen multi-million dollar companies over the last decade, so Roger James Hamilton is an inspirational speaker for every business owner. During his Australian Tour, Roger is joined on stage by some of Australia’s brightest entrepreneurial lights, including Ivan Kaye and Ryll Burgin-Doyle of 10X.

Roger James Hamilton
Roger James Hamilton is the founder of the Wealth Dynamics Profiling system used by over 80,000 entrepreneurs around the world, he is a multiple best selling Author and has created half a dozen multimillion dollar companies over the last decade.  Roger’s pioneering work in the area of social enterprise saw him become invited to Clinton Global Initiative where he was acknowledged ahead of all other corporate businesses worldwide for his commitment to creating positive change on our planet. 
He is a social entrepreneur, futurist, and has just received a six figure advance for his latest book by the New York publishers of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series.
Roger is an Alumni of the Silicon Valley think-tank “Singularity University”, which brings together the smartest minds in the world to comprehend the trends in computers, artificial intelligence, robotics, genetics, bio-tech and nano technology. 
His Talent Dynamics business that services the corporate industry has literally taken off and he is making a positive impact with a range of non-profit foundations, including the XL Nation Social Entrepreneur Incubator. 
Today, Roger owns a stunning resort in Bali. He is also the Chairman of the Green School which is transforming education and the environment.

Ivan Kaye
Ivan Kaye is a qualified Chartered Accountant by background, who after a successful career spanning 30 years, several continents and the successful creation, operation and or funding of numerous of companies, brings that experience to his role as owner and CEO of 10X Squared Pty Ltd and the BSI Group of companies.    
Throughout Ivan’s career he has been involved in helping start ups, emerging companies and corporations achieve their growth potential. This passion is focused on SME’s and individuals.  Ivan is intent on using his vast knowledge and experience to help SME’s grow their businesses and their wealth so they can achieve financial freedom and the lifestyle they aspire to. 10X and BSI bring together Ivan’s passion for making a difference to SME’s, by offering all they need to

10X adds to that wealth of resource for the SME by offering the world’s best coaching and development programs, resources and tools, for a vast array of businesses and their owners via Australia’s most proactive and entrepreneurial accounting and financial planning firms.  The best of the best, the success of these 10X firms across Australia and New Zealand is Ivan’s primary focus, alongside reaching and making a positive difference to thousands of SME’s through the 10X and BSI networks and beyond.
Ivan’s love of a challenge combined with his business acumen is his and 10X Squared greatest asset.  Over his entrepreneurial career Ivan has proven his ability time and time again to create successful companies, make successful investments and help others – individuals, companies and SME’s do the same.
Ryll Burgin-Doyle
Ryll Burgin-Doyle has been growing small and large companies for the past 22 years, being responsible for the marketing of up to 120 companies at one time and leading teams of marketing consultants working with every kind of business you could imagine.
Ryll started her own business planning company at the age of 24 with $1,100 to her name, 5 clients, no credit, and no clue except what she understood about business. Ryll has been taught by some of the world’s greatest marketers and business people – Paul Dunn, Chris Newton, Jay Abraham and author of the E-Myth, Michael Gerber. 
From those understandings Ryll added value to hundreds of small business people in South East Queensland, become a public speaker, grew her company to some 400 clients, including flagship clients like Suncorp and OptusVision, helping them plan their growth successfully.  Having fully systemized her firm and seen revenues and profits double each year, she sold the business successfully just 3 and a half years later.
She then went on to work and live successfully in the USA for just under 5 years. While in the US Ryll was asked to develop a knowledge based product called ‘Businesses Getting Results’, 2,000 pages of marketing and management strategies for small to medium sized enterprises delivered via accountants. ‘BGR’ as it became known, remains in use via accountants all over the world to their SME clients today.
While in the States she privately consulted with a small firm known at Atticus, offering professional development services to the legal industry. Ryll’s part-time coaching with the CEO and team, mostly via phone and quarterly workshops, lead to amazing 
growth where the company went from $600,000 in revenue to $1.8M in just 16 months.

In 2002, she decided to return to Australia to establish her ‘stepUP Foundation’, a non-profit and simple idea Ryll had, that she thought could make a difference. stepUP’s purpose is to shift the future of humanity in a single generation.  The 2-day stepUP Program educates and excites teenagers about the possibilities for their futures in business and in life.  
After several more years coaching and consulting to a variety of industries while stepUP grew, Ryll co-founded 10X – a coaching business designed to make a difference to SME’s through a network of leading professional accountants and advisors.  With firms across Australia and New Zealand each delivering 10X Coaching programs to their clients, the business grew very quickly.  
Ryll’s ability to have her clients produce results is exceptional, in her work with clients, with stepUP and 10X. The unique combination of her highly extensive business knowledge, her own hands-on experiences as an entrepreneur and business owner, her branding, sales and marketing background and her training and experience in what it takes to have people live lives they love powerfully delivers results, each and every time.

Posted on March 14, 2013

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