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Easybiz Search Engine Platform For SMBs

By Branko Miletic | Friday | 30/05/2008

BSI Client, Easybiz, a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)-based business directory has released its commercial platform that provides small businesses with a value-for-money means of building the type of SEO-enabled website.

Easybiz draws on high-end Web development expertise (including SEO and search-engine friendly design knowledge drawn from building some of Australia’s largest websites).

Easybiz advertisers who have an unique URL (as well as an Easybiz URL for their business) typically find that their Easybiz address ranks above their own URL in a Google search on their business name.

Easybiz’s powerful search algorithm provides a source of competitive advantage for businesses, as it allows their customers to find the business by searching on their name, or on products that the

Additionally, Easybiz also provides businesses with an easy-to-build or update website that includes, uniquely in the market, five pages of catalogue ? making it an suitable for retailers who want to promote in-store ranges or store specials.
Easybiz typically costs less than $1,000 pa to deliver its benefits to growing businesses.

Posted on June 7, 2008

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