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Email Marketing is a ne of the most powerful ways to launch an app

After spending months and even years creating your world changing new product that consumers or businesses can’t live without, You really want to get the word out.
Before you do, you MUST have an email marketing plan.
Currently, 66 percent of consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email, which beat out social and direct mail. As the most effective tool you’ll want in your promotion warehouse, developing an email strategy will be key. There’s more you can do than simply sending an email out to your subscribers to announce it’s here.
Pre-Launch: plan and create interest
You must begin by getting your audience as stoked as you are. Whether you reveal what’s coming or leave it a mystery, the advantage of letting your customers know that something is on its way allows you to build an audience who’s ready to buy. As you prime your audience to develop interest in your new product, here are four things to keep in mind pre-launch:
1. Plan an email promotion flow of events.
How often do you plan on emailing your subscribers and what will that content contain? Now’s the time to develop a strategy and add the necessary emails to your editorial calendar.
2. Highlight how you solve their problem.
Your product exists to help people with a specific problem. Whatever that may be, now’s a good time to get your audience thinking about that problem, and the solutions available to them.
3. Identify a clear and consistent call to action 
What action do you want your subscribers to take after reading your email? Are they signing up for exclusive product announcements? Should they spread the word on social? Do they have the option to pre-order? Stick to one to prevent confusion.
4. Integrate email with the rest of your promotion plan.
Make sure your messaging is consistent across all channels (website updates, social posts, blog posts, press release).
5. Pre-Launch promotion in action
To pique  curiosity, maybe leave the details a mystery and tied to a social campaign to build some hype.
Launch day: time to announce your product  Things to keep in mind:
1. Your email should focus exclusively on the product.
You don’t want to dilute your product announcement.
2. Focus on the benefits.
Lead with the major benefits customers will get out of it.
3. Offer an incentive to entice people to purchase.
Want them to sign up to your email list? Give them something in return. Want them to buy your new product? Give them an exclusive promo offer.
4. Start thinking about how you’ll continue the conversation.
What are some other ways you can keep your product top of mind?
Launching a product in action
In the email, inform subscribers and include a link to a landing page where one could purchase.
6. Continue the excitement: post-launch emails
Once your product is out the door, keep the conversation going by:
1. Share user testimonials in emails
2. Offer another discount/promo code.
3. Leverage content.
Use blog and social channels to keep your product top of mind.
4. Hook new business with a free offer.
Make sure that it connects to the new product you want to promote.
5. Send segmented emails.
Send only to those who didn’t click the CTA in your original promotion email.
So, if you have a new product in the works?
Now’s the time to start thinking about the ways to use email and your other communication channels to get the word out.
Posted on January 16, 2018

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