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Emotional Intelligence is fundamental to maintaining our relevance in the AI revolution

We have had some major systemic shifts or revolutions in the last 100 years 

The industrial revolution changed the world by overthrowing the agrarian society

The internet and mobile phone revolution which made us a truly global community and has democratised opportunity 

Today, we are at the beginning of an AI revolution that will take us places that we did not thought possibleArtificial intelligence is becoming faster, more efficient, cost-effective, and systemized. 

Whatever it is you know, AI can and will learn it and use so quickly you will become irrelevant! 

  • How can you survive and thrive in the AI revolution? 
  • What can you do to take advantage and stay relevant ? 

You will need a completely new focus. 

The focus will need to be about the development of human capital – building relationships. 

Connecting, Collaborating, Contributing Consistently and building Communities 

Knowledge and skills is no longer power – machines can do that –  It’s the human interaction that will have greater value. 

The power is 

  • emotional intelligence, (EQ ) 
  • conversational intelligence and the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively , (CQ) 
  • relational intelligence and the ability to navigate human dynamics. (RQ )


  • Likeability intelligence (LQ) 

It’s the power of vulnerability that will set us apart from AI.

No matter how sophisticated A.I. becomes, it can never show real human vulnerability. It is in our vulnerability that we get to know each other beyond anything the “data” can reveal. 

Harvard Business Review (HBR) explains, “Those that want to stay relevant in their professions will need to focus on skills and capabilities that artificial intelligence has trouble replicating — understanding, motivating, and interacting with human beings.”

It is in genuine vulnerability that we reveal ourselves not only to each other but often to ourselves. 

This is how we truly connect human to human, heart to heart, mind to mind.

So where can we find a springboard to vulnerability?

In a word— learning. 

Organisations need to recognise the value of people on their balance sheets 

When we look at the balance sheet  of a company – what is missing in the numbers is it’s people . 

It cost us 1.5 to 2 times the annual salary of an individual to replace them. The training of that individual at an emotional intelligence level can be a stellar  investment that will pay off for their entire career with your organization. 

The revolution is upon us and we can no longer ask our people to do what we are not willing to do. 

Training and continuous learning of the soft skills is key 

In the age of AI, EQ must be incorporated into professional development efforts. Allocate time for EQ learning initiatives. 

Compelling scientific evidence has already emerged citing a positive relationship between EQ and job performance. I reckon this relationship will only be fortified in the upcoming years. 

“What are you doing to actively increase your emotional intelligence, your ability to connect, collaborate and contribute with your peers and those around you? 

Call the team at BSI Learning may be able to guide you on your EQ journey .


Posted on July 20, 2019

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