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Entrepreneurs success comes down to 1 thing….. Decisionship

Creel Price

For the last ten years Creel has been developing a unique business theory that dramatically changes the way entrepreneurs look at their business. Based on the premise that entrepreneurship = decisionship which is the ability to make faster, better informed decisions without the angst. To train your entrepreneurial eye you first have to understand the core business principles and the six lenses to understand yourself and your business:

Perpetual Growth Principles = Recognising that to be successful every business requires a unique combination of time, knowledge, money and momentum. The scarcity of these elements causes eight negative forces or frictions that are countered by maximising positive forces (actuators), maximising stakeholder balance and minimising organisational mass.

Understanding your Business:
Prototype Lens – Will this decision refine and reinforce our Recipe for Success?
Progress Lens – Will this decision help us climb to he next Business Stage?
Plan Lens – Will this decision build our Vision by reinforcing our Goals and Priorities?
Understanding Yourself:
Philosophy Lens – Will this decision align with my Values and Beliefs?
Proficiency Lens – Will this decision play to (or enhance) my Strengths?
Passion Lens – Will this decision give me the Fulfilment and Freedom I‘m seeking?
Posted on August 4, 2012

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