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From Bankruptcy to $400m in sales

Mike Dillard interviews 38 year old entrepreneur Suzie Batiz who  went from bankruptcy twice To $400 Million in sales from another  little company she founded called PooPourri.

PooPourri is exactly what it sounds like… A new way to handle unwanted odors in your bathroom.

She shares her story of how her cars were repossessed, how she lost her business, and how she was broken in every way you could imagine.

At that point, she went on a journey to examine her life in an attempt to find out why she was constantly struggling with business, with money, and with her relationships…

So what did Suzy learn that allowed her to turn a life of struggle, into a life of abundance and success?

Listen to the podcast

Some of my key takeouts:-

  1. Do something that you love and believe in
  2. Make something great – not just good
  3. Ask people for help – people want to help –  don’t need to know everything “ I need your help” – I don’t know but I know someone who will. If you want help from someone – get a meeting – face to face and ask
  4. Suzi’s big success came from a viral video 
  5. Go with the flow – trust your gut. 

It’s all about energy and seeking more energy 

Resonance- 2 similar energy  waves working together – creating more energy – flow 

Disanonce – 2 polar enaervy waves – less energy – struggle 

4 signs of resonance

  1. Increased energy – can stay up all night 
  2. Chills up arm
  3. Keeps coming around 
  4. Synchronicity – suzys world – it’s a vibration – when you meet someone that you zing with 

Are you in struggle? 

Are you in easy flow?

Are you in resonance?

Posted on February 16, 2019

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