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Have you got a Core Purpose?

Tristan White is a husband to Kimberley and a dad to little Alexandra (born in 2011). He’s a qualified physiotherapist, Ironman triathlete, blogger and CEO of The Physio Co – Australia’s eighth Best Place to Work.

Why is it so important to create a strong workplace culture? Because a strong culture leads to better performance, higher retention and a more aligned organisation

A core purpose that clearly defines exactly why an organisation exists is a powerful legacy a leader can create. It sets the path for others to follow. 
It helps create a strong work culture, which in turn leads to better performance, higher retention, amore  aligned . congruent organisation.

You need a short, sharp core purpose. Why you organisation exists. It’s a brief statement that anyone can read and think, 

“Yep, got it. I know exactly what they’re up to”.

    •  the core purpose of Facebook is to ‘make the world more open and transparent’. Like it or not, with over one billion users sharing photos, videos, ideas and updates, every day the world is more open and transparent thanks to Facebook.
    • the core purpose of 10X is to help SME’s Grow through coaching , training and connecting
    • the core purpose of Ark Total Wealth is to “take you beyond what you thought possible”
    • the core purpose of the Physio Co is ‘to help oldies stay mobile, safe and happy’. 

Those few words are  powerful in aligning your team and growing your culture, says Tristan.  Potential team members immediately know that physio for aged care residents is our thing. Just as importantly, our clients love that we are completely focused on oldies, we’re not trying to be everything to everyone.

If you have a difficult decision to make, refer to your core purpose to see if it fits! Referring back to your core purpose takes emotion out of many decisions.

To build a strong workplace culture for your team, start by discovering your own core purpose!
Posted on December 15, 2012

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