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Here are a 10 traits that make a Successful person

A Successful Person in my books is a human who takes a lemon and turn it into lemonade 

Life will throw curve balls  – it is how we handle those scenarios that will determine our success – you can’t control your environment – but you can control how you react to it.

Are you a victim or someone that takes responsibility and action?

Do you recognise the opportunity when a problem presents itself – or do you catastrophise it?

Let me tell you ….. shit will happen !! 

  • Prepare for it
  • Have your mind right
  • Have a mindset of abundance 

Here are a 10 traits that make a Successful person 

  1. Successful people Communicate with precision. They Find and use the correct combination of diction and tone to express an idea as clearly as possible, to achieve the outcome that they want.
  2. Successful people Know that failure and success is an ongoing process, and the former almost always has to precede the latter.
  3. Successful people Plan their day, week , month, year and project – and systemise routine tasks (4Ds quadrant – Do it , dump it , delegate it or defer it)
  4. Successful people Don’t lose their compassion – they maintain their humanity – they stay humble and care about those around them 
  5. Successful people Don’t lose their passion! It is key to making them feel successful 
  6. Successful people see their competition as partners as opposed to threats – the market is big enough for all – they focus on the customer – not the competition
  7. Successful people Take responsibility – it doesn’t matter who is wrong or whose fault it is. Identify the problem, peel back the onion to find the core – and look to solve it!
  8. Successful people Focus on how they are going to add value to their customer 
  9. Successful people know what they are good at and bad at and has a team of advocates , partners, collaborators or employees that they motivate to work with them and share their dream 
  10. Successful people understand why people do what they do
Posted on July 5, 2018

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