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How an empty mind brings lifelong benefits

My Mentor, Allen Pathmarajah , has always said to me that you need to clear your mind to learn new things … he likens your mind to a glass – as you fill it with water , the glass fills and then overflows – To put more water in the glass – you need to empty it.

This is what Anthony Chiminello has to say in his article 

Your mind is like a factory that constantly processes thoughts, theories, past regrets and fears of what might happen in the future. 

 “Silencing your mind is like rejuvenating the body which cries out for a moment of peace and harmony” 

Constantly filling your mind is not a formula for creating a meaningful life or business success in the 21st century. If you are suffering from Information overload, lack of concentration and the ability to achieve then stop, reflect and take a mind break. Research proves that overloading the mind can lead to chronic stress which is the foundation of many serious health problems in the body. 


There are numerous ways of emptying or training the mind to detach from busy thoughts and experience greater freedom. Here a just three ways to give your mind a break. 

  • Meditate regularly: A simple and practical way is to periodically pause for a minute and take a step back to simply breath. Removing yourself from everything going on in your world has amazing benefits.
  • Unplug Technology: Unplug from technology and experience nature including a beach, park or simply get lost in a natural environment. 
  • Buy a Journal: Writing is a personal exercise to understand & release stress. Buy a journal, write down problems, possible causes to your problems & ways to defuse them. 


Our mind is like a tea cup that must be emptied to be able to listen, learn and appreciate something new. Here are 3 benefits that come from emptying the mind. 

  • Creativity: Innovation, inventions and inspiration come from a mind that is clear, free of confusion and stress. 
  • Health: Relaxation, rejuvenation and vibrant energy that heals our body and boosts our immune system. 
  • Wisdom: Reflection and listening to our inner voice to change negative habits and patterns of thinking. 

Quote: “A crowded mind does not know what it really wants, where to go and how to get there” 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Anthony Chiminello is the Director of Bridgeworld International – trusted property advisors for over 25 years. He is also the Founder of Cultural Harmony Now, an organization that creates cross – cultural projects between Australia and Asia for social and economic benefit. He is an author, mentor & consultant. Web: www.bwi.com.au 
Posted on June 13, 2019

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