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How did Zuckerberg go From $22m – $40m – $100m with 1 Strategy?

What was the one strategy that enabled facebook to quadruple sales to $!00m in 2 years?

He identified that Microsoft had a major problem… In August 2006, Myspace had just done a $900m deal with google…. Microsoft lost out.

Mark Zuckerberg hired the well connected Dan Rose… who went to Microsoft and asked them how they would like to do something similar with Facebook?
The Microsoft team set up a meeting the next day!

A deal was done that took Facebook’s revenue from $22m – $40m – $100m

The learnings!

  • Who would you like to work with? 
  • Who do you want in your corner?
  • Who could you help win big?

  • Bring someone in who is connected to that Company 
  • Prepare the pitch to make it a no brainer
  • Close!! 
(learning attributable to Roger Hamilton… a legend!! 
Posted on December 4, 2015

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