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How do you make a success in your career

We are in an era of Rapid job turnover – the average worker having 14 jobs lasting 2 years or more – 5 types of jobs during ones lifetime
How do you succeed as jobs are churning?
Many people are unemployed or underemployed… 5.6% in Australia – true unemployment rate – not sure , but I would reckon close to 10% …
And a lot higher college graduates…
Here is a gem for you!!!
Be more efficient than others ….when you are at Work, work!!  People are watching you and controlling your job….. supercharge your career!
Standout amongst others… make yourself unique…
Napoleon Hill tells a story in “think and grow rich”  – John came to work an hour earlier than his boss… and left an hour longer… boss noticed this, and then started asking John to do some tasks… boss came in next day– all done! Boss became more reliant on John – boss delegates more and more…..
When John took a new responsibility he promoted himself – he made himself more valuable and got ahead in his industry!!
Work when you work and volunteer for more responsibility – become invaluable and then indispensable!!

Posted on June 23, 2013

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