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How effective is Email Marketing? How do you do this effectively?

If you’re not using email marketing to reach your target audience, you should be. 

Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing today, and when used with a social media campaign, and a clear idea of your #bamfam – your marketing results can be exponential!

Email marketing (EDM campaigns)  allows you to connect with customers, clients and other businesses in a personable and effective manner.

According to Small Business Trends, 54% of SMEs were open to receive email information on brands they were interested in!

If you give customers what they want – you will get what you want! 

Below are 5 things that you need to know when creating an effective email campaign? 

Have a clear plan of your “funnel”

What is your #Bamfam (book a meeting from a meeting).

Don’t try and sell anything until you build trust .

Be clear on what you want your Prospects to do?

What is the objective of your email campaign? 

Be prepared to connect with them 25 times before building enough #klt to make them buy!!

If you give people what they want and you will get what you want!

Who’s My Audience?

Be extremely targeted. The more you segment your audience identifying their interests – the more powerful the campaign.

We use campaigner that creates lists of people that are interested in what you have to say!

If you have people following you on social media , Facebook or LinkedIn – get their emails through giving them exceptional value if they subscribe to your tribe! 

segment segment segment 

Based on factors like age, product preferences and lifestyles create content that fits the parameters of those things.

If you give customers what they want – you will get what you want! 

Keeping a Content List:

Create or source great content and offers and events that you can share with your Prospects.

Communicate the greatest amount of information with the fewest amount of words possible. 


What is the rhythm of the information you communicate? What’s the flow of your key messaging?

Establishing a regular cadence or rhythm will let your audience know when they should expect curated content. 

Feedback Cycles and Metrics

Analyse the data 

  • Some Important metrics:
    • Open Rate (Don’t stop there)
    • Click-Through Rate (Response rate to links & CTAs)
    • Unsubscribe Rate and Compliant rate (those who dropped off)
    • Conversion Rate (Those who completed the desired action)
    • Number of views
    • Bounce Rate
    • Forward Rate

Following these metrics in more depth and detail will unveil the performance of your emails. They will show you what times, type of content and messages that your consumers or clients respond to the most. Regularly check these insights to improve how your email marketing performs.

Posted on November 10, 2019

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