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How to be lucky in 2015

These were musings I found in my notes written a few years back.. I am not sure what made me write this at the time. Have an awesome holiday break and may 2015 be filled with health, wealth and wisdom!

luck is a state of mind….a way of thinking and behaving…created through thoughts feelings and actions.

There are some who have a happy family life, health, wealth and career success…whilst others struggle, financial hardship, destroy relationships…its all a state of mind… and the great thing is…..

you can change your state in a heartbeat!!

a lucky persons character helps create, notice and act on what seems to be random opportunities.
A lucky person has an open mind, see potential in situations, proactive,
A lucky person  listens to intuition and trusts their hunches…
A lucky person has the power to make their prophecies self fullfilling and dreams come true.
A lucky person is positive,with short, medium and long term goals….they have a focus.
A lucky person believes that what they want is achievable.
A lucky person has a resilient attitude –  persistence can change bad luck into good luck.
A lucky person doesn’t dwell on the bad luck… this is what differentiates them

There is a huge difference between luck and chance.

Luck is a force that brings good fortune instead of  bad

Chance is something that happens because of  unpredictable events.

We cant choose what will happen to us, but we can choose how we react and that is what counts.

With an open mind, a set of goals and a positive can do attitude, there is nothing you cannot do

9 SECRETS From ‘get lucky’ by theresa cheung

1   be curious, experiment, explore opportunities
2,  define mission and goals
3.  get time on your side…time on nb, and whiz through irrelevancies
4.  look and sound lucky – attitude
5.  dont have enemies…create relationships and networks…dont burn bridges
6   giving and receiving…be generous with your resources and receive with gratitude
7   use your intuition…make a decision..if wrong, you can make another decision.
8.  turn rejection into resolve….-ve into +ve
9.  look, sound and feel lucky.

Posted on December 22, 2014

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