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How to build a $15m ethically responsible business in 5 years

Flora & Fauna’s Julie Mathers and her husband Tom  has built a $15m self – funded vegan online store in 5 years – stocking over 6500 products including laundry powder , lipsticks, toothbrushes and everyday household goods .
Their vision 
“To be ethically beautiful every day” 

She shares with us her 6 of her  secret ingredients 

  1. A chrystal clear vision of being purpose driven and ethical 
  2. providing World‘s Best Customer Service 
  3. A tribe of loyal customers 
  4. Employing people with disabilities – or should we say “coolabilities’ 
  5. A house brand called  “clean and kind” 
  6. Being good to the planet 

Julie was recently named #1 in the Online Retailing Industry Association’s Top 50 People in Australian eCommerce AS WELL AS their Business Person of the Year

Here are some of Julie’s links on social media 

Flora & Fauna on Facebook

Flora & fauna on Twitter

Flora & Fauna on Instagram

Flora & Fauna on YouTube

 Source – Tim Reid’s “small business big marketing” LinkedIn site. Tim is a “customer experience@ Worksop facilitator, and hosts https://ift.tt/31mtf5m 


Posted on February 3, 2020

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