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How to create healthy competition and increase collaboration and productivity of your team

Great article by the team at Raceparty on the importance of team and healthy competition and collaboration of team members.


Healthy competition done correctly can energize staff, increase enjoyment and communication, and greatly increase your team’s performance.

Healthy competition builds know like and trust which in turn increases productivity and Inclusion.

In the modern workplace there is a great focus on the positive effects that teamwork and collaboration can bring. Better communication and a greater understanding of an employee’s role in the bigger picture can both increase productivity and create an inclusive and respectful work environment. While these are obvious and positive outcomes, many businesses can forget about the impact that competition between employees can generate.

 When conducted in a healthy and professional manner, competition can have some great benefits including increased employee job performance, improved quality of work and job innovation. In order to promote healthy competition between employees, businesses should put a number of rules in place:


1.    Give them the tools and lay out the rules….

Invest in the time and money to train staff not only on their individual job roles, but also in the framework of the broader team (their competition). To get complete buy in from a team of staff you need to ensure that they feel that they are in the know of both how to complete their role, and how to assess their performance against others.

 2.    Celebrate wins and the achievers

While the prestige alone of being among the best may be a significant driver for some employees, to really engage staff performance a suitable reward should be presented. From money, holidays, prizes or other job role benefits, the added incentive will help drive employees to exceptional levels of performance. 


3.    Great job, now keep going!

Some businesses fall into the mistake of setting goals that stay rigid and set in stone. In order to keep continued improvement in outstanding employees, goals need to re-evaluated and performance targets increased on a regular basis. Not only will employees appreciate the recognition of their success, both the individual and the rest of the team will be motivated to achieve at a higher standard.


4.    How am I doing Boss? 

(Set KPI’s and give regular feedback – gamify it )

To maintain morale and staff engagement communication is key. Daily updates of results and regular staff dialogue will not only keep staff aware of how far they have come, it will also keep interest and conversation on the targets everyone is faced with. Failure to keep the staff informed will result in confusion of standing, and the attention to task will drop off in correlation with the lack of information being supplied.

5.    This one is just for fun

To continue on with the competitive vibe try including some form of competition in the next staff party or celebration. A game of bowling, a trivia night or even a karaoke competition allows staff to keep the competitive juices flowing while letting their hair down in a fun and sociable atmosphere. Allow employees to have input in the activity selection to achieve even greater participation.

Just as important as collaboration and teamwork, healthy competition done correctly can energize staff, increase enjoyment and communication, and greatly increase your team’s performance.

Create healthy competition at Raceparty 

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Posted on July 19, 2019

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