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How to Get massive exposure for your website, get trafic and become a guru

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants who have massive exposure on google already!

Telstra, MSN, Channel 9, Yahoo, channel 7, KPMG etc, Spark Magazine, Key players in your industry.

These giants in your marketplace have already invested years of hard work, and put blood, sweat and tears into making sure that they get traffic to their site.

  • They have already built a platform.
  • They already have a following and a community.
  • They already have top rankings in Google.

Leverage their status – create content for them

Simply approach one of these Giants in your marketplace, and ask to create content for them. That way you can post your content on one of the top-ranked sites in Google – without having to worry about backlinks, registering your domain, or making your post “Google friendly.”
You can just focus on the content itself.
Create a high-value, engaging piece of content for another person’s blog. (Whats in it for them!)
It can be a written blog post, a video, a regular column or podcast – whatever that plays to your strengths.

Approach the Giants

  • Don’t be scared
  • ASK
  • You just need to approach them in the right way… 

“What’s their objective? In other words, what’s in it for them? Why would this Giant want to post your content on their blog? You need to understand and support their self-interests. Most Giants want highly engaging content for their audience. So if you’re actually creating high-quality articles and videos for their sites, that gives them value for their community. It also shows that they have connections with intelligent people. So it helps position them as an authority.

In summary, create valuable content, then deliver that content on a silver platter to the biggest giants in your industry. This is an easy way to gain authority, traffic and attention. Who needs SEO?

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Posted on December 19, 2012

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