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How to get more Testimonials

Can you still recall the very first time you ever received a testimonial for your product or service? Do you remember how that felt? 

Getting testimonials is very exciting and I love getting them because they inspire me to do better. But that’s not the only reason why testimonials are important for your business. 

Social Proof 
Nowadays, people are becoming more cautious when it comes to new businesses. They are more skeptical because they want to avoid risks. They will need some sort of proof that your service or product is worth it. To overcome potential customers’ doubts, you will need testimonials

The more great testimonials you have, the more credible your business. You can use them on your website and in all your marketing materials. This in turn, will entice more clients to purchase or subscribe to your service. 

Having testimonials will give your potential customers confidence in your product or service and entice them to purchase from you. Your testimonial about your own product doesn’t count because the true measure of a product or service is what other people say about it.

Big Tip

Have you noticed that when you ask people for testimonials, they tend to clam up? They would get uncomfortable and won’t know what to actually say. There’s a way around this situation. 

When you ask for testimonials, never call it a testimonial. Instead, you should call it feedback. If you approach a customer, you can say “I’d really love some feedback.” 

After you do this, you’ll be amazed at how much more willing they are to answer your questions. Now the next part is what kind of questions should you ask? The best way is to ask them four simple questions that you can send through email. 

Email Template

Send them a short email to a person and you can use this template below:

Hi [NAME],

I’d really love some feedback on our product and service on our product and service. Would you mind answering these four simple questions? It would really help us a lot.

So in the email, you’ll attach the four questions that person would need to answer and send back.

Question #1: Please share the story that led you to us

Question #2 Initially, what were your concerns and why did you ultimately choose us?

Question #3 What specific benefits have you received since using our product or service?

Question #4 Who would you recommend us to and why? 

Click send and wait for the answers to arrive. 

Approved Testimonials

Your customer is probably going to write short answers for each of the four questions but that’s okay. These questions serve as the framework for a great testimonial. When you receive the reply, remove the questions, summarize and blend the answers together into one block. Send it back and ask if you can use it as a testimonial. 

If you’re not sure about the approach, you can say it like this:

“Thank you so much. I was so impressed with your answers and I’d love to use these on my website to inspire other people to become a client of ours. Would you mind if I put this on my website? It would really help a lot. Looking forward to your reply.”

When they reply and say yes, send them a gift voucher or a bottle of wine. Even a thank you card would be enough to show your appreciation. 

Posted on September 4, 2018

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