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How to get your video out there

Is a good article a lengthy one? It tends to conflicts with an audience’s desire to consume information in seconds!!!

That is why video and infographic are good!  Having good video content and infographic is good – but the key is sharing it with a large audience!

People spend thousands of dollars on videos – but it goes to a very limited audience – how do you expand that reach ?

 Their audience is pretty much limited to the number of followers/subscribers.

How do you proactively send that content to and audience that you define should increase in the volume of actionable leads. 

What if you could embed social media conversations (with shares, likes and comments) from Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter? 

Your leads will grow when you start sharing with your email database that’s often 10x larger or more than your social media audiences! 

And then collaborate with your BBG members and watch the multiplier effect work! 

Posted on October 29, 2017

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