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How to Utilize Keywords to Attract More Clients

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Your potential clients are seeking a solution to their problem. A problem that you could easily solve.  The million dollar question is will they find YOU or your competitor?
Similar to how you need to embed industry-related keywords on your website to attract visitors, you need to do the same in your LinkedIn profile. In order to be found, you must first put the proper tools in place within your profile for people to find you. Those tools are keywords.

How do I choose the right keywords?

There are many areas you can find industry-related keywords, but the first place to start is your competitor’s websites and job descriptions within your expertise. Which terms and phrases are being used? Which terms and words resonate with you? Write down 5-10 keywords that relate to your product or service.

Next, visit a keyword analytic tool such as Google’s Keyword Planner, or Keywordspy.com. Both will give you a way to search your selected keywords. You can immediately see if the words you chose have a high traffic count or not. If you notice that a few of your keywords have low traffic numbers, then brainstorm a few more until you get 5-10 keywords that will yield a high search volume. This way, you are only using the keywords that show they are getting the most traffic.

I have my keywords – now what?

Once you have identified the keywords you want to use, it is time to place them strategically in your profile. Believe it or not, there are certain areas of your profile that are indexed at higher weights.  A good LinkedIn Profile tip is, the closer the information is to the top of your profile, the greater weight it has when indexing.

That means it is very important for you to be mindful of prioritizing your keyword use in the higher positioned areas. Although you want to be mindful of keyword dumping, these keywords are most indexed, which means you will be found more often than someone who places their keywords in the lower parts of their profile.

The 5 BEST areas to embed keywords in your profile

1) Headline

If you are seeking a fast turn-around in your rank, placing industry-specific keywords in your headline is a great place to start. Especially if you are doing any LinkedIn advertising or LinkedIn marketing, your rank is very important.

The headline is at the top of your profile, and the first thing viewers see after your name. Embedding as many keywords as possible in this section will not only help you get found, but will also give your viewers a strong look at your areas of service.

To avoid keyword dumping, put a break in your keywords such as a line, check mark, and character icon or bullet point. This way you can maximize your keyword use without turning off your viewer.

2) LinkedIn URL

With over 332 million users and counting, chances are your first name alone is not available. However, LinkedIn gives you a generous amount of characters in this section, so use it to your advantage! After your name, add one of your keywords. Not only will that area be indexed for keywords, but whenever someone types in that keyword and presses SEARCH, they will find you.

3) Optimize your website links

Remember, you can add up to three websites under the contact information of your LinkedIn profile page. Even if you only have one main website- find a few articles that relate to your product, business or service. When inserting the link, select “type”, then “other” and insert any keywords you want to describe the link you chose. Most people overlook this area, however, it is a great opportunity to embed keywords and be found!

4) Summary

With 2,000 characters available to use, take advantage of this space. Be very aware that this area is NOT a keyword dumping site. There are very strategic ways to embed keywords without taking away from your main message. One thing I recommend is to use your industry-related keywords as descriptions or bullet points of how you service your industry. This way, it does not detract from their original message, but the keywords get a portion of the real estate.

5) Projects

Another great area you can embed keywords and still provide compelling information in your LinkedIn Profile is through the projects section. You can create unlimited projects and if you are stuck on content, think of this area as a “tips” or “best practices” area. Especially if you are a service provider, you can create a list of best practices that can help your viewers, all while embedding keywords and phrases.

In closing, choosing high traffic keywords and phrases will help draw prospects to you, help you stand out from the millions of people on LinkedIn and help you be found more frequently on LinkedIn searches. How do you keep your keywords front and center in your profile? Do you ever consider them when making changes?

Would love to hear your thoughts. What was the one thing you have learnt from this article? And how will you apply that within your business moving forward?


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Written by

Business Mentor – Speaker – Journalist

Ivan Kaye

  • Patricia Edwards
    Patricia Edwards 

    GET HIRED | I Help you STAND OUT in your Job Search | Compelling Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles | Career Transitions |

    Thanks, Alex. I tried keywordspy.com and found they, in fact, charge for the service. Only a free trial is offered.

    1 day ago

    • Alex Pirouz
      Alex Pirouz AUTHOR 

      Business Mentor – Speaker – Journalist

      That’s weird, I signed up to it for FREE on my end the other day. Maybe they had a promo on then.

      1 day ago

  • Matthew Militano
    Matthew Militano 

    Managed IT Services | ICT Strategy | ICT Design | IT Project Services | Cloud Computing Solutions | Brisbane Gold Coast

    Great ideas. Thanks.

    1 day ago

    • Alex Pirouz
      Alex Pirouz AUTHOR 

      Business Mentor – Speaker – Journalist

      Thanks Matthew

      1 day ago

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Posted on May 27, 2016

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