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IntuitiveX backs Life Science, Biotech and Medical Device Startups

Seattle based Life Science Incubator, IntuitiveX, is passionate about helping startups take their ideas from concept to commercialization, 

The Pain

“It takes grit, vision and an innate resilience to brave the ideation process and build a roadmap to commercialization. Due to current systems unique to the life sciences, the process is incredibly complex, costly and time-intensive. This creates a huge barrier to entry into an industry that is not only ripe for innovation but also impacts lives around the world.”

The Painkiller 

To overcome the monumental barrier, accelerate innovation, and impact lives around the world, IntuitiveX was born.

EXPONENTIAL INNOVATION. We are a driving force behind medical innovation, serving as an incubator for ideas and a catalyst for change.

Spinal Surgeon, Dr Jeffrey Roh co-founded IntuitiveX with Mark Hahn and Simon Robinson in 2016, and now  has a portfolio of a dozen startups, which includes digital health, medical device and biotech companies.  

IntuitiveX is a hybrid of accelerator programs like TechStars and Y Combinator as well as “startup studios” such as Pioneer Square Labs. 

The incubator uses a crowdfunding model from a network of investors who pool resources through a holding company rather than a traditional investment fund.

The ideal investee is an entrepreneur  with technical knowledge who needs business and financing support. In exchange for equity, the incubator provides both funding and expertise.

The incubator places a high emphasis on securing intellectual property protection early on and commits to supporting startups for a longer period of time.

Portfolio Company – Transpara Health

One of it’s portfolio investments is Transpara Health (coinvestors being Will Little and Wilson Fong, of Prota Ventures) , giving price transparency for patients. 

The site recently launched with information from around 250 providers. Increasingly, providers are offering direct pricing for services at rates that are lower than what a patient might pay to their insurance for the same service.

For more about IntuitivX – https://www.intuitive-x.com/ 

Posted on August 4, 2019

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