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Is there a massive disruption about to occur in the bloated University Sector?

An overdue disruption is going to hit the Universities  in a massive way – and in my view – VET – (vocational education) will be the disruptor!

Coronavirus has shuttered in-person schooling, which has forced students online. – Yet, Universities want to still charge the same fee.  

The ’emperor has no clothes’ moment for the ridiculously bloated  ‘education industry’ draws near.  

People are beginning to finally figure out how little value (or even negative value) they are getting for their money, combined with the acceleration of technological alternatives and Moore’s Law! 

Employers will start hiring entry-level candidates without degrees and  will be put in clusters of  on-site training programs. 

In return for getting the brightest and the best candidates – their Vocational training will be superb and relevant to the job at hand! 

They will be mentored and commit to three years of employment, so that their resume is sufficiently solid in the absence of the university credential.  

This is effectively the same as a military style “basic training and a 3 year national service” 

As long as other Organisations  recognize the training from the Employer  as valid, the graduates will circulate throughout the Economy , and the Universities will then be aligned to Corporates – and paid on commercial terms.

Connections made at  Universities 

The premise that the ‘contacts’ they make at a university are more valuable than the contacts they make in their first three years at their Employers  (could be organisations such as Google, Amazon, Atlassian, BSI or Tesla ) sounds absurd.  

Has this  long-overdue correction of a massive resource misallocation may finally be upon us?

Who will be the player to stream education at the same cost as other streams – such as Netflix , Bloomberg, Foxtel and others?

Is this part of the #NexttechRevolution? 

Inspired by https://www.singularity2050.com/2020/08/atom-award-of-the-month-august-2020.html

Posted on August 3, 2020

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