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Welcome to the Virtual Classroom – it’s immersive, engaging, and it’s part of the NextTech Revolution

Nexttech -virtual classroom strives to mimic and improve the experience of the classroom.


The conversations aren’t about making it through this pandemic — it’s about reframing and improving the entire learning experience.


The virtual classroom is a game changer 


The teacher stands, paces, gestures, and circles around the room, alone except for a curved bank of screens and a digital whiteboard. On the screens – a collection of faces — the class — watching him closely.


The virtual classroom is mimicking the in-person classroom experience — but for the fact that every learner has a front seat.


The teacher asks a question 


A learner snickers – and the teacher asks her to 

“Share the joke!” – the new learning in a virtual classroom is like, but also quite unlike, attending class in person.


There is no hiding in the back of the classroom – the teacher knows whether the class is fully engaged.


Raising your hand to ask a question, is done digitally, clicking a button will creates a hand across the face of the student .


  • There are polls of like/dislike, true/false, agree/disagree, 
  • multiple choice (A, B, C and 1,2,3) as well as 
  • open-answer questions with 30-, 140-, and 250-character limits.


The chat room buzzes – with students sharing their insites or comments with the group or with a specific student.


Breakout rooms are gold!


There’s an Ask a Question feature so the the teacher won’t be disturbed, but knows that the questions are there for when they’re ready. 


Content and whiteboards can be loaded in advance on whiteboards – and can just be displayed when they’re ready.


Guests speakers and video demonstrations are easy to integrate.


Most of the teachers’ work is in the design the courses.


Students, can toggle between a screen-size view of the teacher’s whiteboard, a “Room Camera” view from behind the teacher as he or she faces the screen bank, a “Perspective Camera” that allows for eye contact and “real connection,” a “Teacher Camera” that is a bird’s-eye view of the room, and a “Teacher Content” screen that resembles a PowerPoint display, useful for following along with the curriculum.


The entire course is recorded and can be reviewed by the participants.


The ultimate goal is to have the tech invisible and just to have us learning.


“Nexttech are at the forefront of using Virtual Classrooms says CEO Cassandra Parton,


Welcome to the Virtual Classroom – it’s immersive, engaging, and it’s part of the NextTech Revolution

Posted on August 17, 2020

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