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It’s your attitude that will determine you’re altitude – Jon Clifton – you legend

To think that only 20 odd years ago I was living on the streets! ?
I am very lucky that business has not dropped one cent for me and I am also 100% debt free and own everything so even if business did stop tomorrow I would survive. ?
I am very optimistic about the future and can see so many opportunities. I think differently to most people and think outside the box.
If any of you are feeling down, depressed, anxious or would just like some positive advice about your business or the future please PM me as I would love to help in whatever way I can. I also have a database of over 16,000 clients and was thinking of plugging your businesses to them.
Before anyone starts attacking me on how rosy my life is..I am also legally bind, suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, sleep apnea, have 1 kidney, a heart condition, OCD and ADHD. My life is no picnic either! ??
Let me know how or if I can help you. ?
Posted on March 29, 2020

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