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Just as things look as if the deal is done …. terms change … what do you do?

When you are in a transaction that’s been negotiated – you have an ”exclusive” for due diligence to finalise the deal ……

And terms are changing 

You’ve done everything you can …. your ducks are in a row – you have a buyer – they have an exclusive – and everything seems to be falling apart – they are changing the terms of the deal at the last minute! 

Emotions are charged!!!!

There is massive tension, things are charged – and you are annoyed and afraid 

Has this happened to you? 

Dr Jeff  Spencer shares 4 strategies when a deal is about to conclude and the terms change! 

  1. Work out how you feel  – what’s relationship to the transaction – what do you think of the deal – take the charge out – prevent yourself from being blindsided 
  2. Identify the other parties issues issues – compartmentalise them and see how you can resolve them . Make sure that your team have been heard before solutions are made,  vs having the solution nailed – and then hearing their issues.
  3. Investigate the other buyers that were turned away – choice is good  – something to anchor to – when there are problems .
  4. 24 hour rule – don’t make any decision until feathers settle – don’t have judgement clouded – creates composed state of mind

Do what champions do – just keep on showing up!

Here’s Jeff’s podcast 


Posted on November 1, 2018

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