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Kanwal Rheki getting a 100x return in 1995

I did most unusual thing in 1995 when I wrote this check of $200,000 to Exodus to save them from shutting down. They were at the end of line, needed cash to stay alive. There was no time to do do any due diligence or legal paperwork. This loan was done with a simple agreement memorialized on a hand written agreement.
It turned out to be the best invest ever made by me. At it peak it had grown 1000X and was worth $200 million. I was not smart enough to get out when the going was great but I was able to sell this investment for $20 million, a mere 100X. For the longest time I felt angry at myself for being stupid. Now I will take 100X return any day without feeling stupid!!!

Comments from article

Kanwal – Seed level investments are very risky, like buying a lottery ticket. But I did nothing but that for 10 years and was very successful at it.

Kanwal – In VC business one has to be lucky to make money but as you know luck favors those who who prepare.

I had gotten very impressed with the people (ChandraShekhar and BV Jagadeesh) and the business idea.

James Thomason – Do you believe in the butterfly effect? Because of your investment, I moved from Alabama to California, where I remained for the next 20 years and 13 startup companies.    I was the 28th employee at Exodus in 1996 , if memory serves.   I met my wife in San Francisco and started my first company there.

On what to invest in 

Kanwal – it’s all about the team! 

Posted on September 2, 2017

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