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Keynected launched today – need your help!!

We are delighted to announce the birth of keynected www.keynected.com… (Launched on App Store today).


I have been challenged to get a sample of 1000 users to download the app within the next 5 days –
So…please download keynected, play with it, and if you love it share it with your friends.

At the moment you need to have an I-phone or IPAD and have Facebook (Android is coming soon)

It would be fantastic if you could give us feedback and suggestions.

What is it
Keynected is an aggregation of all your Facebook and Social Media LIKES and their POSTS.

Now you can find your favourite magazines, brands, celebs, teams and causes ALL IN ONE PLACE, and share the content that you like with your friends via email, message or social media.

IT IS SUPER EASY TO USE (and I find it a bit addictive!!)

If you have an iPhone and are on Facebook, please download Keynected from the Appstore or from http://keynected.com(and soon to come for Android devices and phones.)

Download from App Store:

Check out the Website

View the Demo Video

have a great weekend

Posted on August 15, 2014

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