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KPMG’s report on the 3 big issues that are keeping business leaders in 2019

KPMG’s report on the 4 big issues that are keeping  business leaders in 2019″ https://home.kpmg/au/en/home/insights/2018/12/issues-facing-australian-leaders-2019-outlook.html

1. The issue of trust. 

Trust has burnt its way into the consciousness of senior leaders and is increasingly being recognised as the license to operate. As a result, organisations are asking themselves fundamental questions about their purpose, their mission, and how they present themselves to the world.

Are they capable, reliable and building strong relationships with an obsessional focus on the customer?

2. It all about the customer-centricity. 

The customer as king is no longer an aspirational value, but a hard reality that needs to be baked into any organisation’s planning.

3. The significant need for innovation and continuous learning 

Business and technology is changing and continues to change – fast!! “If the rate of change on the outside is greater than the rate of change on the inside – the end is near! “ 

You need to be creative, free to think and responsible, and not be afraid to fail – as long as you are doing your best and giving your all. 

4. Embracing Digital Transformation 

Digital Transformation Is all about connection.

Connecting customers, employees, and partners into your ecosystem, providing them with an amazing user experience! 

It’s not about a slick new app that has a good UI and a UX – it’s about the entire system and process – that needs to permeate through the whole organisation.

It’s about Connecting 

  •  Connecting to your customers and employees with compelling value propositions, opportunities and interactions.
  • Connecting and empowering your employees to deliver on the customer promise.
  • Connecting your front, middle and back offices to execute on the customer growth agenda.
  • Connecting your channel and business partners to jointly deliver on commitments to customers.
  • Staying connected to market dynamics and digital signals.

With the Cloud, AI, Machine learning and 5G, you will have huge amounts of powerful computing power and massive amounts of data that will be available and that can be stored cheaply.

  • How can you use all this to create seamless brilliant systems and processes for your business? 
  • How can these systems, working together and unleash exponential power for you?

For the above issues to be addressed your business needs to have a clear sense of purpose, a strong customer focussed value proposition and values that your team will strive to uphold.

Our purpose :- “ to help you create your generational legacy” 

How :- by being your business partner bringing to the table deep expertise, IP, people and money

Our Values :- TREAT 

Team first – you have your team members back 


Energy – have passion and do your best

Adventure – if you have an idea – just do it – it’s ok to fail, but fail fast, pivot and try again – but give it your best – 

Trust – which needs to permeate through everything that we do .

What is your purpose and what are your values 

Posted on March 7, 2019

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