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Launching Sydney’s Startup Hub

Following today’s Sydney Startup Hub launch announcement, I’d like to share some additional information with you about upcoming opportunities for you and your clients. 

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Supporting entrepreneurs supports jobs growth

One of the key outcomes highlighted in our Jobs for Future Report was the need to nurture entrepreneurs. As a direct result, we are creating the Sydney Startup Hub. It will strengthen our startup ecosystem, support a pipeline of future job-creating businesses, and underpin new jobs growth across NSW.

What can you expect?

The Sydney Startup Hub is set to open in late 2017 and marks the first of its kind in Australia. It will accommodate 2,500 people, include Australia’s leading incubators and accelerators all under one roof, and be unmatched in the southern hemisphere in terms of its size and density.

Located at 11-31 York Street in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, the Hub aims to foster collaboration, innovation and stimulate business growth. It will connect organisations to entrepreneurs seeking skills, advice, networks, investment and growth opportunities.

The Hub will feature a dedicated community and events space that will play host to a range of industry-related events such as seminars, launches and workshops. The program of activity will be delivered in collaboration with the Hub’s residents, industry partners and the wider startup ecosystem – providing terrific opportunities to showcase expertise, products and services.

A regional landing pad will further extend the reach of the Hub by connecting regional entrepreneurs (either remotely or physically) to the wider startup ecosystem. It will also provide practical support, such as facilities for regional startups needing to visit the Hub for business, events or investment discussions.

Coming soon

In addition to readying the Hub for opening, Jobs for NSW will shortly unveil an enhanced product portfolio. This includes the introduction of new loan products, plus refinements to existing grant and loan products, making it simpler and faster to access funding to support business growth. Details about these products will be available shortly and our Client Engagement Team can be contacted for more details.

Additional information

Our focus now is on readying the Hub for opening in late 2017 and we hope to welcome you there alongside the wider NSW startup ecosystem – it’s a significant asset offering terrific opportunity to further build our startup community and energise the sector.

If you or your clients would like more information about the Hub please see our press releasefact sheet and FAQs

You and your team can also visit our website, and follow us on Jobs for NSW FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest news. 

Kind regards,

Karen Borg

CEO, Jobs for NSW 

Posted on July 13, 2017

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