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Leaders Rise By Lifting Others

Great article by Ritchie Gibson www.ritchiegibson.com


Both the  AFL and NRL grand finals were played this weekend and the best teams were decided after a season of blood, sweat and tears from these dedicated players.

Congrats The Dogs and the Sharks 
Both these teams won by hard work and the team working together.
How amazing was it when Luke Beveridge (bulldog coach) shared the medal with the Tom Murphy, who was injured and couldn’t play. That was GOLD and showed true Leadership. Caring for his team member – being totally selfless!

We all know that it is key to get the right people on the bus, but it is key to ensure that the bus has the right driver!!!

A true leader forms a bond with their team members , so strong and akin to family, where trust and honesty, loyalty  is created. 

How is this trust, honesty and loyalty  formed? 

By focussing on a vision and a specific goal with a higher purpose, that is shared. Not on who is going to get the credit or how much they are getting paid.

If you take a team member  that the group doesn’t trust that has made bad decisions, and put them in a good environment – they are capable of turning their lives around and becoming wonderful contributors.

It’s not the person or the team member, it’s the environment.
Leaders of the organisation are responsible for that environment. It’s as simple as that.

So what makes an effective leader

Caring – By taking  care of your team members – you take care of the environment, your productivity and sales increase and all of a sudden your business is thriving – higher sales, higher profit, higher retention, higher energy! 

Being selfless – a few easy things to do today

  • Letting a car in front of you in merging traffic
  • Filling up the water jug at work or filling the coffee jug when its empty and not waiting for someone else to do it.
  • Instead of emailing someone (Which has no human connection), give them a call.
  • Do something for someone else with no want of reward.
  • Show gratitude – say thankyou
  • Be present when talking to someone 

Courage – having the courage to stand up against outside pressure and not listen to critics and what the majority say – courage comes from the support of others, knowing that someone has got your back. Unconditional trust is key! And trust has to be earned – it can’t be bought!!! 

Being a coach  – A leader shows vulnerability and the team member knows that he or she is there to help you, encouraging you to reach your goal , that is the timber that ignites courage.

Doing the right things – It is hard to stand up against external social pressure that is pushing you to do something for their short term gain. To do the right thing is hard and often lonely 
Fostering relationships – It’s the people around us who care about us and believe in us, and when we have those relationships, we will find the courage to do the right thing, and when you act with courage, that in turn will inspire those in your team to also act with courage as well.

People are INSPIRED to follow your exampleThat is leadership.

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Posted on October 3, 2016

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