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Leadership Course on Steroids


As we finish up our 2016 cohorts of leaders, this is from the two 8 day – Diploma of Leadership and Management programs we ran in the CBD for managers from top corporates.

It is quite remarkable when a learner takes time to write such comments on a feedback form – it means the learning has made a difference. And the program we have put together is meeting a purpose for our clients and getting rid of the stigma associated with qualifications/government funds that get bad press.


​BSI Learning DOLAM 2016 Feedback – CBD Groups 1 & 2


“I found the program to be an excellent balance of modern academic thinking and practical knowledge and tools in the area of leadership. The eight days were well structured and delivered in a manner which enabled maximum understanding and reflection. Great delivery by Steve. I don’t think the program would have had the same potency without the energy and talent Steve obviously possesses as a trainer / motivator / coach.” – Benjamin Goodwin, Boral


“The program began just as it finished, action packed, fast paced and relevant for life. It was great that the content could be applied both within and external to the workplace. It was highly reflective and helped me to understand myself much better. The course would not have been nearly as effective were it not for Steve’s presentation style. We were constantly engaged and reminded of what is important.” –  Rebekah Sweeney, Boral


“The program for me was really worthwhile. I’ve taken away a lot of tools and strategies as well as key phrases. I feel that the program was well structured and had great content. I don’t think I would’ve taken so much away from it if Steve wasn’t such an energetic and enthusiastic trainer. I thought we had great report throughout the program which helped engage me more with the program and the people in the course.”  – Michelle Romeike, rt Health


“The program was phenomenal!! At first, I thought the engagement was overwhelming as I didn’t have a very high confidence level, but Steve allows you to feel welcome as though it is a journey that he want you to succeed in. The program is very, very informative which allows you to learn new things every class.” –  Marina Thamin, asics


“For me this has been the best training I have received in a very long time I have learnt a great deal in the last 6 months and will continue to learn. I really enjoyed Steve’s passion and enthusiasm. Keep doing what your doing Steve because it worked on me.” – Greg Speechley, Garmin


“I found the program delivered by Steve to be inspirational, informative and interactive. This program has not only given me the tools to do much more effectively but has also given me tools and techniques to manage my life and external relationships. This course has really inspired me to not only be a better leader but also a better person. Steve delivered the best and most engaging program I have ever attended. I would honestly sit through this class all over again just to keep learning and absorbing more knowledge from Steve. Amazing course keep up the great work Steve and BSI! – Ramsn Benjamin​, Garmin


“An experience! The course was a great, interesting, informative and enjoyable way of learning more about leadership and management. Steve is an awesome teacher and presenter. He made learning enjoyable and pushed us to try new things. He is definitely the right character and has the right enthusiasm to deliver the leadership and management course.” –  Ian Brincat, rt health


“Gave me the power to make a change to trust me again and to grow. To move and to keep moving. This has been a great course, love every moment. Thankyou! Steve you are the greatest! – Lee Witts, Cater Care


“The program has been extremely beneficial to me. Steve is a very engaging presenter and can make all topics very interesting. I particularly enjoyed the emotional intelligence topic and the different strategies I now have to be more effective and influential.” –  Mark Shugg, LG


“A journey of self-discovery which equipped me with the tools to be able to access self-awareness and better hone into my ability to be socially aware. The program also taught me how to better manage my interactions with those around me in order to achieve the behaviours I would like to see them exhibiting. Steve was great. His energy has been infectious and he has truly been an inspiration to live the learnings from the course rather than just participating in an academic exercise.” –  Vahini Chetty, Holman Webb Lawyers


“Thought provoking, motivational – a truly life changing program. A program that leaves you with a whole tool box of skills to really create the best version of ourselves – personally and professionally. Well thought out and executed program! Steve was engaging, knowledgeable and inspiring – program wouldn’t have been presented in same way without Steve. Steve really made the program what it is – and because of him that I have taken so much away from the course Loved it!” –  Lucy Kerley, Holman Webb Lawyers


“A real eye opener. I feel that there wouldn’t be anyone that wouldn’t benefit in some way from this program.I feel very privileged to have had Steve as the facilitator. I don’t think there would be many that could deliver a course quite like him.” –  Melissa Randall , Boral


“My journey with the leadership program has been an eye opener both in my personal and professional life. It’s not the book but the learning out of it really impacts my day to day activities and how I see things which leads me to a better and happier version of myself. Steve Fearns by profession is a trainer but really he’s a mentor. Love his energy, strategies and his side stories. My pleasure and feel fortunate to meet him and be part of the program.” –  Relyn Aguinaldo, Engagis


“This program will challenge you, entertain you, take you out of your comfort zone, make you laugh and possibly make you cry but by the end of the program you will have grown and developed into a better leader in your personal and professional life. Great balance between theory and practical application. Steve has the ability to take you to some deep internal reflections whilst making you comfortable at the same time.” – Steven McBrien, Novartis


“This program has been a self-realisation journey and has incorporated topics that were applicable to myself from both professional and personal perspectives. This program assists you to become self-aware, but also aware of those around you. Steve has been the major contributor to making this journey as enjoyable and valuable as it has been. The videos and materials incorporated were nothing short of interesting and appropriate for each topic. I will highly recommend this course to my peers, as well as friends, with a preference of having Steve as the facilitator.” – Sarah Musumeci, Boral


“This program takes leadership theory to a new level by creating a reflective, self-realising, insightful and inspiring journey. It is a wonderful balance between theory and practical application, enabling both professional and personal development. Steve is truly inspiring! The way he engages the room and delivers the program with such enthusiasm, passion, insight and personal flare adds a real value to the course. I believe that it was through this that I was best able to understand the content and apply my new skills and knowledge both personally and professionally. He has helped me realise it is up to ME to be a better version of myself all the time. Thanks Steve 🙂 ” – Corrine-Leigh Marskell, Boral


“It’s intense and has a large, positive impact on you. I have found myself reflecting and thinking about how to be a better leader by being a better person. It was challenging and fun. Steve was great. He is real, intense, motivating and very inspiring. I would imagine how much he can achieve.” – Caroline Rahme, Macquarie Telecom


“Albeit a bit over the top, this program has been life altering. It allowed me to take a step back and consider where I was at and what I wanted, to realise my own behaviour was driving this and shift my focus of control to make better life and career choices. Steve has been extraordinarily helpful and gone out of his way to make everyone feel comfortable and included. In spite of this he has been able to challenge each member of the group to go outside of their comfort zone. He is an exceptional facilitator and his passion for what he does is very inspiring.” –Rebecca Stevens, The Learning Factor


“Steve brings this program to life. His real life stories are amazing and he has an amazing way to connect with everyone. It has been a pleasure to be involved in this and played a huge factor in getting me promoted this year as well as a lot of personal achievements! Steve puts his heart and soul into the delivery. Great content!” – Simone Tsigolis, The Learning Factor

Posted on October 20, 2016

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