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lol things you can do to showcase your influence and authority

A tip on building authority and influence and standing out from your competitors … from Kristina Mills 
Do a social proof audit where you look at the key ‘influence’ and authority triggers that you already have lying dormant in your business .
A staggering 9 times out of 10 when clients tell me what they’ve done, where they’ve appeared, who they’ve worked for, and what their experience is, I find they have a massive number of authority building triggers there that they’re not using and they don’t even realise they have.
Next – here are some of the things we look at:
* How they’re positioning themselves in the market
* Target audience
* Case Studies
* Testimonials
* Messaging strategy and writing voice
* Branding and positioning
* Building Authority by creating Thought Leader Content that is unique and irresistible to their ideal audience
* Media coverage and relationships with Key influencers
* Building Reach
* Joint Ventures
* Customer Experience
Yes, it’s a long list but we start with the ‘low hanging fruit’ first. What are the simple activities that can be done right now. 
The three simple things that most business owners aren’t doing well enough right now are:
* Listing results
* Featuring case studies
* Using testimonials wisely.
There are all sorts of other tactics and tools that can build authority however doing the right activities in the right order and ensuring these tools get the right reach is vital. 
Otherwise, the creation activity is wasted.
eg. Writing a book is fantastic if you’re playing a long game with the view of building authority. If your main aim right now is to massively grow sales, there is often a better solution..
Posted on June 14, 2017

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