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Make sales to those 90% of humans that don’t open your email!

Great bus dev insisted from my friend and linked-in guru Brynne Tillman, Chief Learning Officer & Co-founder – Vengreso | The Digital Sales Transformation Company

Brynne helps  reach the other 90% of buyers you likely are not reaching through traditional prospecting methodologies.

Hi Ivan,

Happy Sunday and welcome to this week’s content digest! I’m sure you are spending time with your family or friends today. However, in your off time, I believe this week’s six blogs, podcasts, and videos will be of value especially from a business development perspective.If you are willing to share your favorite, don’t forget to tag me!

? [VIDEO] How to use LinkedIn’s new search filters for business development! | Brynne Tillman, Vengreso CLO (Created for Sales and Sales Enablement)

? [BLOG] Digital Sales & In-Person Networking… Perfect Together (Created for Sales and Sales Enablement)

? [BLOG] 4 Must Have Digital Selling Skills for B2B Sales (Created for Sales and Sales Enablement)

? [PODCAST] How To Nurture Customer Success And Create Customer Advocates with Allison Pickens, Episode #63 (Created for Anyone Responsible for Revenue)

? [PODCAST] Addressing Challenges and Changing Culture with Enterprise Social Sales Programs (Created for Sales Enablement and Sales Leaders)

? [VIDEO] Outbound Social Prospecting vs. Inbound Marketing for Salespeople – with Kurt Shaver, CSO of Vengreso (Created for Sales and Sales Enablement)


Posted on April 1, 2018

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