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Marketing Strategies for Experts, Coaches and Consultants

Coaches, consultants and experts have so much to offer and can make such a positive impact  in the world…….. BUT…..

Without customers or people to listen ……. your stories and insights are lost …..

There are countless Consultant, Coaches and Experts who are broke and never get paid.

How can you get people to listen and shave the opportunity to potentially buy from you?


And what is marketing ? 

Being able to connect with your targeted customer base….. nothing more … nothing less 

There is no relationship between being good or even great and getting paid! 

It doesn’t matter how good your product, service, or expertise is until somebody has bought it. 

Being “good” and creating value, just gets yourself to the table – 

You’ve got to connect to your ideal customers and build your klt with them!!


Get them to know you

Get them to like you

Get them to trust you

If you don’t, not only will people never do business with you but you won’t be able to serve them either — and you will never have the kind of financial freedom that you want.

What’s your VISION for your product or service  – what do you want your ideal customers saying about you?

What is the one marketing thing you can do to make that happen, to make more sales that will make you more money – that will enable you to make that impact that you are craving for? and by when?

Here’s a link to 76 marketing strategies that you might find useful – https://bsi.skillsoptimiser.com/BusinessHealth/

Posted on October 8, 2019

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