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me&u receives backing from Australia’s Tech Superstars

Steven Premutico sells Dimmi’s and launches me&u with the help of Australia’s tech superstars 

The Idea 

Steven Premutico (pictured) is back with another piece of hospitality-tech sure to make waves in the industry.

When Steven Premutico sold Dimmi’s he spent thirty days walking the famed Camino San Tiago in Spain, where he came up with the idea to create me&u.

The Investors 

The new startup has received investment from some of Australia’s best known Tech Players – many of whom had a precious success with Dimmi’s – including Cliff Rosenberg (a current non-executive director  at Afterpay, and formerly at Dimmi and managing director (MD) at LinkedIn APAC), Will Easton (MD Facebook Australia, ex  Dimmi), Jason Pellegrino (ex MD Google Aus, Domain CEO), Mike Abbott (co-founder Uber Australia), Tim Reed (CEO MYOB), Neil Perry, and John Szangolies (founder of Urban Purveyor Group).

The pain me&u solves 

“It’s clear Aussies love to eat in restaurants, but the way we order and pay is terribly clunky and antiquated whether that be trying to catch the waiter’s attention to order, waiting for the bill at the end of the night or the awkwardness of splitting the bill. It simply shouldn’t take five minutes to pay a bill! We will fix that.”

What me&u does 

Customers simply need to tap their phone onto an NFC (near field communications) beacon provided by the restaurant which sends a menu instantly to the me&u app, allowing customers to place an order right away.

The app also allows for those with allergies and dietary requirements to filter out inappropriate choices.

At the end of the meal customers can pay via the app and even split the bill, removing the need for awkward conversations and piles of miscounted cash.

Premutico says the new app will be disruptive in hospitality by combining the beauty of Instagram with the convenience of Uber.

In addition to improving the ordering and payment process in restaurants, Premutico says me&u will give floor staff more time to improve customer service and allow them to focus on what matters.

The app will improve efficiency and enable waiters to provide a more effective customer service to patrons 

“Waiters run around tirelessly all night, service lessens, the customer experience drops, and upselling doesn’t happen. We want to free up the waiters, improve the customer experience and improve industry profitability.”

“At Dimmi we disrupted the way we book our favourite restaurants. Now we will disrupt the way we order and pay,” says Premutico.

The customers and industry me&u helps 

At launch over 500 restaurants have already signed up to use me&u, including Rockpool Dinging Group, Boathouse Group, Chat Thai, Watsons Bay Hotel, Sonoma and Pablo.

“For the hospitality industry to survive and thrive – it has to evolve and use the technology available to provide a more effective customer experience. “  says Premutico.

So what are the insights from this blog  that you can adopt in your business? 

Posted on July 1, 2019

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