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Microsoft becoming relevant by partnering with the Internet of Things

39. Satya Nadella

 12 / 50 

Title: CEO of Microsoft

Country: United States

Age: 48

Since becoming Microsoft’s third CEO last year, Satya Nadella has been busy helping the technology company become relevant again. While Microsoft is still a software giant — it pulls in about $US95 billion in sales — it’s far from its former glory as the innovative, undisputed leader in tech.

But Nadella, a Microsoft veteran of 23 years, has made significant progress in rejuvenating the company: He successfully released Windows 10, a huge hit that attracted over 110 million users in just three months; he converted Microsoft rivals like Salesforce and Oracle into partners; he launched Microsoft into the growing Internet of Thingsmarket with a new database, cloud service, and big data analysis service; and he oversaw Microsoft’s biggest layoff round ever while still maintaining his likability among employees.

Posted on December 5, 2015

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