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Name ONE thing that you’ve learned from either a co-worker, Boss, client (s) during your career that you will never forget.

Interesting Comments from a queston posed by Fiona L Browne | NYSE EURONEXT | Financial Controller Dept…. would be interested in your comments:-

Name ONE thing that you’ve learned from either a co-worker, Boss, client (s) during your career that you will never forget… and you’ve also applied it to your daily life.

Liam Carroll


Intisar ul Hasan Alvi

Do More than what you are required to do

Eddie Tofpik

Bums in seats!

If people see you in the job you want to do they are more likely to accept you doing it permanently!

Thomas Seay

In that loyalty is no longer a core value in corporate America, one should always be developing and expanding their network relationships. It is to late once you are out of work. Assume you will be looking and strengthen the quality of your newtwork relationships.

Curtis Chambers

That dress for success may be a cliché but it is serious business in the business world. Always wear your best to the boardroom. Polonius said it best

“Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, But not express’d in fancy; rich, not gaudy; For the apparel oft proclaims the man,” Shakespeare.

Ketul Shah

Reach early to the office from my boss in ICICI Bank. practicing that for last 9 years and happy

Terrence Young

Never judge a customer on their look or the way they are dressed

CA Arvind Karnik

Proprietor AB Karnik & Co. Chartered Accountants

Stop following Follow CA Arvind

Keep your work records with all fine details to be available to required officials that will speak for itself and for the work. Employees come and go but the records remain to keep trail of the work, transactions and information. Name stamp of person is not necessary on these records, since it has emblem of the Organisation.

Karthik Narasimman

1. Making a list of Pending Issues/ Things to be Done for next day’s schedule.

2. Dont put things on Hold if it can be done immediately.

3. Updation of MIS Records whenever to be done. It saves time in retrieving Reports.

4. Prepare a DTP for the work you regularly do so that any new person can understand the process in your absence.

Matthew Chapman [LION]

Head of Business Development, Client Relations and Account Management


always be commited and love your job and you will learn to do the best.

Priya Kuttuva

Be responsible and understand your accountability. Proof your work before sending to clients or filing for records to avoid costly corrections!!

Amit Shah

Market Research, Business Development, IT, Finance

Dont get Hipper, maintain chillness in your attitude

Hitesh Sangtani

Combination of passion and acceleration

Jim Hillier {jim_sxtrading@yahoo.com.au}

I am now 61, and my first employer said never lie. Take your kicks for being wrong, and you will never have to cross the street for no one and he was right.

Robert-Jan Kroes

When I was working as an underwriterl liability, my former executive gave me a valuable lesson about acceptating risks. He said: Imagine you are a millionare and you should accept the offered risk with your own capital, would you accept the risk, and, if so, against which terms and conditions. This mindset in underwriting (and later on in my other insurance-activities) helped me straighten out business in a clear way and doing business in a transparant and effective way.

Sandeep Gupta

Keep the “person” and the “position” separated – remember that you occupy a position and when you are in an official interaction with anyone inside / outside the organisation,

Hema Purohit

Always be on time and if you commit to something, execute/delivery it on time. Do not give lousy excuses for not doing it or not on time because people know.

Jeanne McDonald

Every paper MUST have a date on it or it’s just a meaningless piece of paper with no point of reference. If I can add a second, don’t dress for the job you have today – dress for the job you’d like to have tomorrow!

seira salemon

it’s hard to beat hard work!

Posted on May 25, 2010

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