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New Support Package For Small Business Owners

According to Ivan Kaye, 10X CEO, 10X were motivated to develop this product offering by the continued lack of government support for small business, “Around tle country, Federal and State governments are bending over backwards to support and appease the fig end of town whilst ignoring the tlight of the millions of small business owners who comprise the engine room of the Australian economy. We have developed 10X GrowthPac to fill the gap.”
Supported and subsidized by a national network of small-business specialist Accounting firms, Lawyers, Planners and Business Coaches, 10x GrowthPac has been designed to help jump small business into the fast-lane of our multi-speed economy. For just $1.00 a day 10X GrowthPac offers over $8,000 of value. No small print. No strings attached.
So, what’s the catch?
According to Co-founder Ryll Burgin Doyle, “There isn’t one. 10X GrowthPac is how we identify businesses who are hungry for growth and let them sample the power of the 10X Network on a low-cost, obligation free basis. If a customer finds 10X GrowthPac is all they need… then they are welcome to enjoy it with our compliments for just $1.00 per day. If they find they need more we’re hoping that they’ll turn to our network of accountants, coaches, lawyers, planners and advisors first. It’s our version of customer sampling … which is traditionally very difficult to achieve in a service industry.”
In addition to the 24/7 access provided by the online delivery of many of the services offered to 10X GrowthPac members, 10X believe their small business offering is unique in the market because they are able to supplement their online resources by providing face-to-face support through their network of hundreds of accounting firms, business coaches and other professional service providers throughout Australia and New Zealand.
 “We are thrilled to be able to offer the small and medium businesses access to this phenomenal package,” add Ryll. “As a special offer to Spark readers, the first 1,000 businesses who purchase the 10X GrowthPac from www.10x.com.au will receive a 50% discount on the price of their first year’s subscription. Making your first year’s membership $182.50 (50 cents per day)” 
10x GrowthPac includes
  • Australia’s premiere collection of online business training tools and resources, 10X Business School is an online business school that provides 10X GrowthPac Members with valuable business coaching advice 24/7.
  • 10X has been running 10X Business School successfully for a number of years, with users able to purchase individual courses on over 50 essential business topics to help you grow sales, marketing, pricing and profit! 
  • Each course includes a comprehensive study guide, an audio track for the entire course and an online exam.
  • To purchase all of these courses individually would cost over $7500; however as a 10X GrowthPac Member you can access ALL of the courses and modules at any time, day or night, for no additional fee.
  • What you do with that information and the results you will produce, could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you and your business.

  • Swap leads and ideas with other growth-minded small business owners.
  • As a 10X GrowthPac member you will be invited to a variety of exclusive
  • networking events each year, inclusive of 2 free tickets (valued at $55 each) to two business breakfasts per annum.
  • At each of these breakfasts a prominent speaker or business guru will talk on an issue of general interest to the small business community.
  • During the course of each function you will have the opportunity to meet and swap leads and ideas with other growth-minded small business owners.

  • An online forum where you can post questions or requests.
  • Join one of our online Forum Groups and have your questions answered by your peers and members of our network of professional service providers. Learn new techniques, share ideas, challenges or wins! Post questions or ask for contacts and receive answers without delay.

  • A free consultation with one of our highly experienced business coaches.
  • Included in your 10X GrowthPac Membership is a FREE Discovery Consultation (valued at $595) with your local 10X Discovery Consultant.
  • All 10X Discovery Consultants are specially trained to assess your business position and provide recommendations on what steps you need to take to push your business to the next level. 
  • This meeting will give you surprising insights into the hidden potential within 10X GrowthPac and your own business. It may also generate connections that are often unexpected and invaluable! 

  • 2 tickets to each of two business training seminars on areas of interest to you and the growth of your business.
  • Our events are designed to give you new ideas and strategies to grow your business, improve your skill set and that of your team. Check out the events page on our website for upcoming dates and locations.

  • Automatic membership of an effective small business lobby group, so your voice can be heard.
  • Today, with Government increasingly focused on the big end of town, we believe Government needs to hear what small- to medium-sized business owners need. 
  • At 10X we have a variety of ways to help you do just that – by surveying the marketplace, speaking with and for small to medium size business owners, getting messages through to Canberra and lobbying where necessary to have our shared case heard!

  • Access to a weekly webcast and a library of videos on new business technologies.
  • Keeping up-to-date with new technologies and their potential impact on your business is a daunting task.
  • As a 10X GrowthPac member we will relieve this pressure by giving you access to a weekly video webcast on new and emerging technologies. 
  • Presented in plain English, these webcasts will de-mystify new technologies and provide practical suggestions on how they can best be used for the benefit of your business.

  • Regular email updates and a monthly magazine to keep you abreast of new ideas and developments that may be of interest to you and your business.
  • Because 10X understands that many small business owners often miss out on hearing about the latest news and developments that can effect their livelihood, 10X GrowthPac includes a free subscription to Spark Digital Magazine, an online business magazine dedicated to providing you with the very latest news and advice to help you get the most out of your business. You will also receive updates concerning any ‘Member’s Only’ offers plus great deals that we think will help your business.

  • Priority access (on a fee for service basis) to the network of professional service providers who are making 10X GrowthPac available to you at the (almost) unbelievable price of $1.00 per day.

With a network of business advisers across the country, your 10X GrowthPac Membership ensures that you can get the advice you need, when you need it.
Posted on November 3, 2012

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