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Our People

Terry Kew – CEO and 10X Coach

Terry has a rich mix of entrepreneurial start-ups and large corporate business, but his passion lies in sharing what he’s learned to exponentially grow SME businesses. His first start-up was in the FMCG / retail sector eventually partnering with a large franchised fitness chain (over 800 retail outlets) across the USA. He also successfully launched a bio-tech distribution business and then partnered to start-up a B2B health and well-being service which was sold to a large OH&S organization.

In pursuing his passion to help business owners grow and improve their businesses, Terry joined the Fitness First team at start-up phase in Australia. Within 5 years he became the Global Operations Director for the Fitness first Group with 540 outlets in 21 countries and revenues in excess of USD1.2B. Each store was operated as a stand-alone SME which was the key success factor in the meteoric rise of the organization. Three years ago Terry was head-hunted to manage a NASDAQ listed company in New York to navigate them through some significant changes, and has since returned home to Sydney.
Terry’s also an accomplished keynote speaker having presented to tens of thousands of people across the four corners of the globe!

He’s participated in various sports: rugby union, track athletics and surf lifesaving, and has competed at both national and international levels. Currently he’s a keen competitor in 24 hour and 48 hour non-stop, adventure racing.

Colin Stein – 10X Coach

Colin coaches and mentors various businesses including those involved in Food Manufacturing, Corporate Landscaping/ Gardening and the IT Industry and has over 30 years experience in the retail furniture sector. Colin was a principal in an SME that grew to a major chain of retail stores and succesfully exited the business through a listing on the JSE. 

Colin’s experience include: Systems, Financial Reporting, Business Planning, Business Srategies, reviewing a businesses Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and Coaching. 

Colins passion is to help Leaders and SME’s grow value through coaching and mentoring.

Paul Kennedy – 10X Coach

Paul Kennedy has 30 years  Marketing & Sales  leadership and Business consulting experience.
He has held C level executive roles with PepsiCo, Fosters CUB and consulted with many Market leading B2C and B2B  companies.
Paul has a passion for helping create sustainable business growth and guiding entrepreneurs to build their dream business.
He is an experienced coach and mentor who enjoys building the intellectual capital of networks, relationships  and individuals.

Judy Reynolds – 10X Coach
Judy Reynolds is a highly sought-after speaker with over 25 years’ experience as a highly regarded adviser and coach to businesses from a diverse range of industry sectors. Her very successful clients have embraced Judy’s advice and support to take their businesses, their wealth and their lifestyles to new levels.
Judy believes that you do not have to lose in life to win in business. She knows that it is possible to design a really powerful business that enables the owners to live the lives to which they aspire.
Judy believes that enjoying a life well-lived and building a very successful business are not mutually exclusive – she has demonstrated through her many client successes that enjoying life and achieving personal goals is, in fact, a pre-requisite for maximising the performance of the business.
Judy takes business owners through processes to design and build a business that works for them. She sees profit as an enabler – it enables the owners to create the wealth necessary to fund their lifestyle of choice.
Given Judy’s diverse skills base and experience, she is able to provide practical high level advice on how to maximise financial outcomes in business and to inspire those people in business to build their business acumen and to achieve their personal goals.
Judy also works with professional women who are keen to discover how to win in life and to progress their chosen careers – to be the very best they can be, to create their own definitions of who they are and who they want to be. She is renowned for her mentoring and people development.
Judy provides expert opinion and comment to national publications and is a regular columnist. She is a sought-after speaker, sharing her proven business building strategies and inspiring others to recognise and achieve their potential.
Judy is a chartered accountant, a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds a Bachelor of Business Degree (with Distinction).

10X Director

Ivan’s passion is innovation, and helping people succeed – thats where he gets his kicks! 


Founded BSI for the sole purpose of helping the entrepreneur grow.He understands their pain and what makes them tick. The reason why is because he is an entrepreneur…. and hass been through the ups and downs that goes with being one!! These are the people that build business, groups, cities and countries, help them connect and improve their standards of living. 

Our business helps Entrepreneurs and SMEs Access Capital, Grants and Customers, and connect them with people who can help them grow their business. Ivan founded BSI and is a Director of Business Strategies International (BSI) , 10X Ark Total Wealth , Liquidity Finance and Referron. 

Ivan talks about Leadership, Financial Planning, Raising Money, Finance, Building Your Business and other Stuff – and am passionate blogger (google bsivc) . He is passionate about Referring and connecting , hence REFERRON and KEYNECTED. 

Personal Stuff

Emigrated 28 years ago from South Africa having been born in ZImbabwe (and starting to settle down :), and is a passionate supporter of Australia and everything Australian! 

Ivan is married to Robyn with 2 awesome daughters, Tanya and Heidi, who keeps him under control! (thank the Lord the girls look like their mother!) 

Golf, family good wine and hiking around Sydney is where he spends his downtime .

Some things you might like to know about Ivan 

Things need to be fair and transparent and the core non negotiable is the ability to have trust! 

He is not an easy baby – but is known for being fair and giving it all!!

Posted on October 14, 2014

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