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Qantas Heads Reassure Singaporean Officials

Despite mixed reports about exactly why Qantas has moved their Australia to London stopover point from Singapore to Dubai, the reality is that the airline will be moving a significant amount of business out of Singapore; however, Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce and senior Qantas executives at the airline have traveled to Singapore in a bid to reassure Singaporean officials that Qantas plans to maintain its presence there.

Qantas plans to re-schedule Southeast Asian flights to improve the number of connections by an estimated 25 per cent. The airline also said the shift of flights to Dubai could free-up travel options in Asia, as it will see 40% more seats available for travel to Asia.
“This unbelievably frees us up and I think it’s a huge step in fixing the Asian problem and we’ll see a big improvement in the economics of our Asian operations,” Mr Joyce said.
Posted on September 17, 2012

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