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Quoting other articles

Advice from Matt Church on quoting articles in your blogs 

Thought leaders are required to know first what is being said by other leading thought leaders. 

Reading others books and blogs is a great way to do this. 

Often you might quote what one author said in your speech or advice session. 

For example, in one of Seth Godin’s books, Meatball Sundae, he quotes something like six (I stopped counting) other current books. What he does however (and we can model this), is interpret the message into a new context, not just regurgitate what someone else could read. 

Here is a plan for borrowing ideas… 

  1. Quote the source
  2. Add to the message somehow using your expertise
  3. Encourage people to go to the source and tell them how and why
  4. Twitter and Facebook about the source and encourage your followers to follow them
  5. Advance the sources business, positioning or prestige anyway you can

Respecting and acknowledging the source is a key to growing who you are as a thought leader, it forces you to go beyond “Thought Repeatership”. 

It’s also good Karma. 

Posted on March 29, 2015

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