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Randi Zuckerberg at World Business Forum Sydney

#Randizuckerberg gems 

involve your customers – they love to add value to you! 

#kateperry it’s the maven that endorsed the media business and ignited the spark 

Trends in Silicon Valley 

1. #entreployee employees being empowered to be entrepreneurs 

#hackathons a good idea can come from anywhere

2 #keynected brands need to think like a media company #googleglasses  

Chipotle , red bull , air newzealand are up there 

3.    #Connections are currency

companies using your social media influence to decide what you pay, if anything. 

4.    Reinventing retail

 It’s all about being entertained and convenience 

5.    #FOMO into #JOMO

 “fear of missing out”into the “joy of missing out” – being grateful and happy where you are.

6.    The maker movement

3D printing is poised to become a huge business in next 10-20 years

7 #lifelogging – document every moment (guilty!) .

8.    education and healthcare.

With the growth of online courses and online medical advice 

9.    Gamification for motivation

apps that make a game out of motivating us, for example, Nike-plus, Zombies Run, Charity Miles and Gym Shamers 

10. #digitaldetox dotcomplicated – make it simple!!!

Posted on May 29, 2014

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