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R&D tax incentive (RDTI) A great opportunity to make a difference

The government has shown they can make decisions and they can make decisions fast.

There is a window of opportunity for government to support innovation in Australia –  and make it attractive for innovators and  IP to stay in Australia. 

They can do this by reigniting the R&D Tax Concession (RDTI) as a tool to encourage Innovation and R&D and  keep Innovators and IP in Oz! 

This should be the focus of the government, rather than its planned $1.8 billion cut to the R&D tax incentive (RDTI). This cut is absolutely the wrong thing to do in a post Covid-19 environment .

Our Treasurer agrees that tax support for innovation is key 

“We need to have a tax regime around intellectual property to attract companies and maintain their investments in Australia,” Mr Frydenberg said in the UK last year.

The easiest way to ignite Innovation is to encourage innovation by expanding the definition  of R&D in the RDTI programme 

Do you agree that the  R&D Tax Incentive to be reignited 

Write “agree” in comments below


Posted on July 2, 2020

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