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Seven Gems from a Lead generation webinar I attended

Nurture, nurture, nurture your pipeline. 
Give amazing value to them. 
Fill your pipeline with  thousands of people who appreciate all the free information you give.
Once your pipeline is filled, leads will start to be funneled through the “pipe” and something magical will happen…. Sales will increase and your business changes into something significant.
Things to Think about when doing a prezzo or webinar
  •      Understand your target market – try get into the minds of them. What do they want? What will interest them?
  •      Give the audience what they want. Provide them with a potential solution to their problem. Get them from “pain to pleasure”, from “fear to freedom”
  •        Show them your personality. Relate to them. People like to deal with people. Show them why they should like you, position yourself as the expert.
  •        Drive them to a simple website or a landing page. DOon’t drive them to a complicated website that will take them hours to read information that is not relevant to them.  The objective is to get them as a lead. 
  •        The first contact should be no one threatening and reward them for filling out their details.
  •        Powerful Headlines are key followed by 3 – 5 bullet points. Create interest and intrigue…. Entice people to fill in detais to hear more.
  •        Always have a call to action –  A form to leave name, email, tel # , address.

Posted on October 18, 2012

One response to “Seven Gems from a Lead generation webinar I attended”

  1. Nani Eng says:

    Its very interesting and easily explained by simple diagram.. Thanks for sharing..Lead Generation

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