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Should a LinkedIn Profile be written in First Person or Third Person?

Hi Donna, 
I have been receiving your emails and I appreciate them. I have been a slow adopter of Linkedin. Finally, I am now 110% into it.  I want to rewrite my profile, my question is now this…  Do I write first person or third?   

My Answer:

Hi Stephen!

I deeply believe that a powerful LinkedIn profile is written in first person narrative form.


LinkedIn is a Social Network. Social Networks are all about you interacting with your network. And since your network will check out your profile, it’s imperative that what they read is from YOUR PEN. You want to be SOCIABLE… don’t push people away by creating distance between you and your reader. Draw them in by writing in first person. In fact, I also use second person because it brings your reader in even closer by speaking directly to them.

When you do see profiles written in third person, the reason typically is that they simply copied and pasted their bio or resume. 

Recycling is great for garbage but horrible for brand statements!

A POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile is strategically written for your goals and your target audience. It’s not a copy and paste of some other document.

Posted on August 27, 2016

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